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Rocket League Cheats Codes and Hacks 

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game which was developed by and published by Psyonix. The game was released for the gaming consoles like Microsoft Window, Xbox, and PlayStation on July 7, 2015.

Rocket League PC Cheats

Rocket League


How to apply Cheats in Rocket League

Press ~ from the keyboard to open console screen during the gameplay and enter cheats in it.

Rocket League Cheats List

Effect on GameCheats
Win the Season ChampionshipChampion
Win a game without giving up a single GoalClean Sheet
Win a 2v2 gameDouble Up
Complete every Practice Drill (any difficulty)Drill Sergeant
Collect 50 ItemsDrops in the Bucket
Drive a total of 500 kmFar, Far Away...
Watch a save file in Replay modeFeather in Your Recap
Score your first GoalFirst-Timer
Play an Exhibition matchFriendly
Customize every slot on a single Battle-CarGrease Monkey
Score 6 Goals in a single gameHelen's Pride
Complete a Practice DrillKnow the Drill
With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailingMinute to Win it
Win your first game of the SeasonPerfect Start
Collect 5 ItemsPick-Me Up
Play a total of 20 games across any game modePitch Veteran
Make 20 SavesRider's Block
Complete the regular SeasonRocketeer
Play with both classic Battle-CarsSARPBC Forever
Win a 1v1 gameSingles Club
Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single matchSpeed Demon
Score a goal while reversingStill A Show-Off
Collect all ItemsStocked
Win a total of 30 games across any game modeSuper Victorious
Play against every team in a SeasonTeam Player
Win 10 games in a row across any modeThe Streak
Customize one slot on a single Battle-CarTinkerer
Play in every Rocket League stadiumTraveler
Win a 3v3 gameTriple Threat
Use your Rocket Boost for a total of 5 minutesTurbocharger
Unlock All TrophiesVirtuoso
Drive on the dome walls for a total of 5 minutesWall-Crawler
Win a total of 5 games across any modeWinner

Rocket League is precisely same as predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battled-cars. Player control a rocket powered car and use the rocket to hit a ball which is bigger than the rocket towards the other opponent team goal net to score a goal. The game resembles soccer game but instead of players they use rocket car, and for football, they replaced a huge ball. The player can boost up the speed while dodges their opponent and earn the boost up things. The player can also perform all the soccer game like tactics in the field which includes Dodge, causing their car to do short jump, can nudge the ball and can gain position advantage. The match is five minutes long with a sudden death overtime when the game is equal at the points. The game can be played like one on one or four on four with the casual and ranked system. A new game mode was added to the game which is drop shot; It takes place in an arena without any goals.

The game had downloaded 5 million times after the release and received positive reviews from the critics for the multiplayer gaming option. The game scored 9/10 from the publications and gaming review system.

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