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Crysis 3 Cheats Codes and Hacks

Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter video game which was developed by Crytek and published with the help of Electronic Arts. Crysis series have the habit of releasing the game on different dates for the different consoles. The game was officially announced on 16 April 2012 and the third installment of the Crysis series. It’s the sequel to the last version of the game.

Crysis 3 PC Cheats

Crysis 3

How to apply Cheats in Crysis 3

Press ~ from the keyboard to open console screen during the gameplay and enter cheats in it.

Crysis 3 Cheats List

Effects on GameCheats
Melee an enemy off the cliff face with a pole on Ascent (Public Match only)Chocks Away Old Boy!
Get an 'Incoming!' Skill Kill from the top of the central rock on Coastline (Public Match only)Cliff Diving
Hold the flag for 4 minutes in a game of Team Possession (Public Match only)Egocentric
Get the most kills and win by reaching the score limit in a game of Frenzy (Public Match only)Flawless Victory
Get 30 kills with the flag in Team Possession (Public Match only)King of the Swingers, Jungle VIP
Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)Renaissance Man
Slide for 1km on Creek (Public Match only)Slippery Customer
Kill the entire enemy team within 60s of activating the radar on Crossing (Public Match only)Swept Aside
Get a kill with a boat Oar (Public Match only)Totally Oarsome
Complete a match on all four DLC maps (Public Match only)Wish You Were Here!

The game is about the future wars, which is set in 2047 in a city of America which is NewYork. Player take control of the Prophet as he progresses through the new york city to defeat the enemy Ceph. The player can have four stances in the game: sprint, crouch, jump, and slide. Players can encounter the enemies by using weapons such as guns, compound bow, utilizing explosive like grenade and C4 and by performing the melee attack. The player can use its abilities when the health is above 50, but if it’s below the line, the player will tend to lose its abilities until the player uses the first aid box to refill the energy level. The Artificial Intelligence part of the game upgraded and modified in such a way that the enemy must response to the player attack more quickly and can make their strategy to overcome the player. In the multiplayer game mode, 32 players can play with each other having eight modes with 12 different maps.

The game receives positive reviews for its AI improvement. Crysis 3 scored 9/10 by publications and from the gaming review system.

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