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Call of Duty 2 Cheats, Codes and latest Hacks

Another game of the series of COD, call of duty 2 cheats, codes, hacks, secret tips and tricks along with some hints. This also includes glitches and unlockables in COD 2. While cheats for the call of duty 1 are also verified.

Call of Duty 2 Cheats

Call of Duty 2 Game

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Call of Duty 2 is a first-person shooter video game which was developed by Infinity wards and published with the help of Konami in Japan and Activision in the other part of the world; this is the second installment of Call of Duty series after the successful debut of COD 1. COD 2 was released on October 25, 2005, in America. The platforms on which you can run this game are windows, phone, Xbox and OS X.

How to Apply Cheat Codes In Call of Duty 2

As explained previously for call of duty 1, same method works for the application of cheats of call of duty 2. In demo mode, go into game options. After enabling the console, press the button on the keyboard just above to the tab button.

Now type of the following:

seta thereisacow “1337” followed by spdevmap eldaba.

Now cheat mode is enabled for the COD 2 and you can use any of the given command or cheat codes without any restrictions.

Call of Duty Cheats For PC

COD 2 cheatsEffect in the Game
give allEach time it's entered you'll be given 2 different weapons from the demo.
notargetEnemies ignore you.
godInfinite health.
jump_height 128Moon jump (jump_height 39 for default).
give ammoRefill your ammunition / grenades.
timescale .25Slow motion (timescale 1 for default).
noclipWalk / Fly through walls.

Cheat To Play Desired Mission in Call of Duty 2

COD 2 CodesTheir Effects
map 88ridgePlay "88 Ridge"
map toujane_ridePlay "Armoured Car Escape"
map matmataPlay "Assault On Matmata"
map bergsteinPlay "Bergstein"
map downtown_sniperPlay "Comrade Sniper"
map libyaPlay "Crusader Charge"
map duhoc_defendPlay "Defending The Pointe"
map demolitionPlay "Demolition"
map downtown_assaultPlay "Downtown Assault"
map elalameinPlay "El Alamein"
map decoytownPlay "Holding The Line"
map beltotPlay "Prisoners Of War"
map trainyardPlay "Railroad Station No. 1"
map hill400_assaultPlay "Rangers Lead The Way"
map moscowPlay "Red Army Training"
map tankhuntPlay "Repairing The Wire"
map toujanePlay "Retaking Toujane"
map cityhallPlay "Stalingrad City Hall"
map hill400_defendPlay "The Battle For Hill 400"
map duhoc_assaultPlay "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
map breakoutPlay "The Brigade Box"
map rhinePlay "The Crossing Point"
map crossroadsPlay "The Crossroads"
map decoytrenchesPlay "The Diversionary Raid"
map eldabaPlay "The End Of The Beginning"
map silotownPlay "The Silo"
map newvillersPlay "The Tiger"

Unlock Desired Missions Via Cheats

Entering the mentioned codes, you will enter into your desired mission. Now keep rocking call of duty 2 with secret cheats and codes hacks.

Codes To UnlockUnlocked Missions
/seta mis_10 9Unlock "Crossing The Rhine" Mission Set
/seta mis_07 9Unlock "D-Day" Mission Set
/seta mis_04 9Unlock "Fortress Stalingrad" Mission Set
/seta mis_09 9Unlock "Hill 400" Mission Set
/seta mis_03 9Unlock "Not One Step Backwards!" Mission Set
/seta mis_06 9Unlock "Rommel's Last Stand" Mission Set
/seta mis_08 9Unlock "The Battle For Caen" Mission Set
/seta mis_02 9Unlock "The Battle Of El Alamein" Mission Set
/seta mis_05 9Unlock "The Tank Squadrons" Mission Set
/seta mis_01 9Unlock "The Winter War" Mission Set

The leading designer, John West, and composer Graeme Revell emphasize the theme of the game on World War two along with their fellow workers. In this game, the campaign mode has experienced the struggle of four soldiers: One is in Red Army, secondly is in American Army, and the two soldiers are in British Army. The story of the soldiers split into a total of twenty-seven missions. This game also made his critics into fans when COD met with the positive reception. There are several changes which are made in this game which is regenerating of health through first aid box and an icon that indicates a nearby grenade about to explode. The programmers modify the weapons, vehicles and graphics concerns in this game.

Call of Duty 2 Cheats For Xbox one, Xbox 360, ps2, ps3

There are no hacks or cheats discovered yet. If you found any secret tip or trick that you are sure about, then do share with us.

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After the launch of the call of duty 2, the Xbox version of the game sold over 2.5 lac copies in the first week and 2 million copies by January 2008. Overall the game has sold 6 million copies all over the world. The review scores are as good as it was before which is 9/10.

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