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Call of Duty 1 Cheats, Codes and Hacks

Official cheats will be sharing call of duty 1 cheats, codes, hacks, secret tips and tricks along with some hints. This also includes glitches and unlockables in COD 1. Infinity Ward developed call of duty and published by Activision. The director Ken Turner, producer Vince Zampella, Designer Zied Rieke and programmer Jason West simulates infantry and combined arms warfare of World War 2. Medal of Honor and call of duty have similar kind of themes. COD was released on October 29,

Call of duty 1 cheats

Call of duty 1 pc Game

2003, and showcases multiple viewpoints staged in British and American Theaters of World War 2.

How to Apply Cheat Codes In Call of Duty 1

Search for “CoDSP.exe”  that will in form of short cut on desktop. Right Click on it and hit target, then add he following string to the end of the address without inverted commas “+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0″ .

Now the link should look like this
”C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe” +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 1.

Within the game, bring down the game by pressing the button above to the TAB button on keyboard, then add any cheat code from the list for call of duty 1.

Call of Duty Cheats and Codes

Call of Duty 1 CheatsEffect on the Game
ufoAllows the player to zoom around the level, going up with jump and down with crouch.
toggle cg_draw2dDisables the on screen icons, such as radar and health. Useful for taking good screenshots.
toggle r_showLeafLightsDisplays lines where the light comes through the leaves.
toggle r_showtricountsDisplays numbers on each texture.
toggle r_showportalsDisplays where you can access.
notargetenemies ignore you
give ammoGives the player 10 Grenades and 1 Panzerfaust. May not work on some levels / crash the game.
give allGives the player all weapons in the game as well as filling up health.
give (insert desried object here)gives you a weapon, object or health
killKills the player.
toggle r_lightmapMakes the ground and walls white.
toggle cg_drawgunMakes your weapons invisible. Useful for people with lag.
toggle cg_thirdpersonPuts the camera at the 3rd person view. You are usually invisible though.
toggle r_measureOverdrawPuts the game in multi-colours.
toggle r_fastskyRemoves clouds and makes the sky lighter.
map_restartRestarts the current level.
toggle g_entinfoShows scripts above all soldiers and highlights important objects.
r_vc_statsShows some stats about the game in the console.
toggle r_showtrisShows the game in wireframe.
viewposShows your co-ordinates in the console.
toggle r_lockpvsSome textures turn invisible.
toggle cg_drawshaderTells you what each texture is.
noclipwalk through walls

For the very first time in this game, Al-controlled Allies were introduced to control the situation accordingly during the gameplay. This game supports the single user and multiple user version as well where one can play with friends and their squads for larger scale battles. The team of COD also had extensive research on weapons, artillery, and vehicles from world war 2 to make the game look real. While going through this you might play COD 2 after the end of COD 1, in that case Call of Duty 2 Cheats Codes and Latest Hacks will surely help you in that. The animation and sounds used throughout the game were just near to real. The development team also worked on artificial intelligence so that the players move and act like the users want, which includes path finding, the ability to suppress the enemy with cover fire and clear obstacles such as window and doors. The main aim and objective of the developing team were to make this game extremely easy for the players to make their modifications in single and multiple gameplay. Then the developers have made many missions for the game, and each mission was tougher than the previous one.

Call of Duty 1 Cheats For Xbox one, Xbox 360, ps2, ps3

Cheats for the call of duty 1 of its pc version are available as provided in above section, while for ps3, ps2 and xbox one and xbox 360 are not discovered yet, if you know any cheat code or hack that works, kindly contact us.
This game was nominated the best game of 2014, and this game has sold 4.5 million copies. This game review score is 9/10 in all the publications.

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