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Half Life 2 Cheats Codes and Hacks

Half Life 2 Cheats Codes Latest Hacks Secrets Tips Tricks Glitches Hints. Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter video game which was developed and published by Valve Corporation throughout the globe. It was the sequel to the previous version of the game and released in November 2004. Source engine helped along with the Valve Corporation in the development area. We had covered Half Life 1 Cheats Codes as well in our blog.

The game supports the gaming consoles the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

Half Life 2 PC Cheats

Half Life 2

How to apply cheats in Half Life 2

To apply cheats you need to open the console box by pressing ~ this button and enter the cheat correctly while the game is running.

Half Life 2 Cheats Pc Game List

Half life 2 pv game cheats list

Effects on GameCheats
Disintegrate 15 soldiers by throwing them into a Combine ball field.Atomizer
Kill five barnacles with one barrel.Barnacle Bowling
Find the HEV Suit Charger faceplate in Eli's scrapyard.Blast from the Past
Use the antlions to kill 50 enemies.Bug Hunt
Kill all of the snipers in City 17.Counter-Sniper
Hit the trashcan cop with the can.Defiant
Shut down the supression device by disabling its generators.Fight the Power
Kill an enemy with a toilet.Flushed
Gain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.Follow Freeman
Survive the rooftop strider battle in the ruins of City 17.Giant Killer
Kill five enemies with a Manhack.Hack Attack!
Escort Gregori safely through the church cemetery.Hallowed Ground
Get the airboat's mounted gun.Heavy Weapons
Cross the antlion beach in chapter Sandtraps without touching the sand.Keep Off the Sand!
Find all lambda caches in Half-Life 2.Lambda Locator
Escape the apartment block raid.Malcontent
Destroy six gunships in Half-Life 2.One Man Army
Kill 3 enemies using the crane.OSHA Violation
Survive the generator plaza standoff in chapter Anticitizen One.Plaza Defender
Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17 in Half-Life 2.Radiation Levels Detected
Destroy the hunter-chopper in Half-Life 2.Revenge!
Destroy the Citadel's reactor core.Singularity Collapse
Put the can in the trash.Submissive
Pin a soldier to the billboard in chapter Highway 17.Targetted Advertising
Get the crowbar.Trusty Hardware
Use dog's ball to make a basket in eli's scrapyard.Two Points
Discover the hidden singing vortigaunt cave in chapter Water Hazard.Vorticough
Survive the second turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.Warden Freeman
Break the mini-teleporter in Kleiner's lab.What cat?
Defend Little Odessa from the gunship attack.Where Cubbage Fears to Tread
Get the Gravity Gun in Black Mesa East.Zero-Point Energy
Play through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun.Zombie Chopper

Half Life 2 Cheats List For Xbox one, Xbox 360, Ps2, ps3, PSP

Half life 2 cheats for these systems will be covered soon.

The game includes the variety of new weapons, and the programmers of the game are woken by enigmatic G-Man to find the aliens have taken the world. For the killing of aliens, they also introduced gravity gun which manipulates the objects. The game includes several chapters, casting the player in Gordon Freeman and the sequel of the game is similar to the Half-Life 1. In the first chapter player starts without any arms and the player has to build their arsenal over the course of the game. The game came up with the positive and improved modifications in the graphic work and ammunition. The new features of the game stimulate the physical changes.Two sections of the game involve driving the vehicle. The game never separates the player with pre-rendered cutscene or events and the story proceeds via an exposition of the chapter and world in events.

This game scored the highest review among the games at that time. The final score of Half life two according to the publications and reviews system was 9.2/10.

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