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Battlefield Hardline Cheats

Battlefield Hardline is a First-person shooter video game which was developed by Visceral Games with the collaboration of EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts. Cheats code secrets and hints for battlefield hardline pc video game. These are the secret tips and tricks along with glitches and unlockables hints. The game was released in March 2015 with all types of modern gaming consoles including Xbox one and Playstation4. Instead of military warfare, this time Battlefield brought something new such as they focused on crime, heist, and policing elements.

Battlefield Hardline Cheats for PC

Battlefield Hardline

How to apply cheats in Battlefield hardline

Method to apply the cheats in bf hardline.

To apply cheats you need to pres ~ button from the keyboard a console box will appear and you need to enter the cheats in to it.

Battlefield Hardline Cheats PC List

Pc video game battlefield hardline complete list.

Cheat Codes of the Game Effect on the Game
Almost an ExpertReach Expert Level 10 in single-player
Blue EagleComplete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty
Bring 'em to JusticeCapture all warrants alive in single-player
Bumpy RideComplete Ep. 2 | Checking Out
By the BookDo a Non-Lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player
BYOBUse the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7 | Glass Houses
Cape and Ears Not IncludedClimb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player
Case ClosedComplete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty
Damn Thing Doesn't WorkDisarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player
Dare DevilJump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10 | Legacy
Deal? What Deal?Complete Ep. 3 | Gator Bait
Electric CompanyTake down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer
Fast Rope ExpertTravel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player
From Their Cold, Dead HandsComplete Ep. 8 | Sovereign Land
Good GuysComplete Ep. 4 | Case Closed
Graceful ExitDon't get spotted in the Ep. 5 | Gauntlet
HollyweirdComplete Ep. 7 | Glass Houses
Hollywood HideawayFind Roark's hidden room in Ep. 7 | Glass Houses
Keep Digging, DetectiveComplete any case file in single-player
Knock KnockBlow up the meth lab in Ep. 5 | Gauntlet
Menz in the HoodKill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer
Motley CrewTag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1 | Back to School
On the JobComplete the Prologue in single-player
One Good CopReach Expert Level 15 in single-player
Pressure AppliedComplete Ep. 1 | Back to School
Real Action HeroKill a criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse
Served ColdComplete Ep. 10 | Legacy
Snow BlindComplete Ep. 6 | Out of Business
Social ClimberFind the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10 | Legacy
Some Damn Fine FireworksComplete Ep. 9 | Independence Day
Super CopComplete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty
The Big ScoreWin 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer
Their Own MedicineSteal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5 | Gauntlet
True DetectiveComplete 3 case files in single-player
Watched, DawgIdentify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player
World's Greatest DetectiveComplete all case files in single-player
You Probably Have QuestionsComplete Ep. 5 | Gauntlet
You Tazed Him, Bro!Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player
You're Getting Good at ThisReach Expert Level 5 in single-player

Battlefield Hardline focused on the war on crime and street war crimes. In this game, the main factions are the police special forces and criminals. Players have all sorts of ammunition and military things such as grenades, vehicles, police equipment (teaser and handcuffs). Many new features and modes were introduced in hardline series including heist, rescue, blood money, and cross hair. In heist mode, you have to stop the criminals from escaping with the bag of money if they managed to escape they win. In rescue mode, you have to rescue the people within three mins from the criminals by killing them. In blood money mode, you have to take the bag from the center of the map and get back to your position again by facing the criminals and obstacles. The crosshair mode is also a competitive mode which includes the competition between 5 players vs. five criminals; you have to release the Vip cops from the criminals within a specific period.

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Battlefield Hardline Cheats Codes Latest Hacks Secrets Tips Tricks Glitches Hints. This game receives mixed reviews from critics, few of them liked the game, and few didn’t. Battlefield scored 7/10 by publications and online reviewing system.

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