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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is 2010 first-person shooter video game developed by Swedish firm EA Dice and published worldwide by Electronic Arts. BF bad company 2 cheats and tips tricks that make your game secretly awesome. These are the hints for newbies that are working hacks. This game supports different gaming console like Microsoft window, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Kindle Fire and IOS. Battlefield bad company 2 is the sequel to Bad company and series of Battlefield which was released worldwide in March 2010. The IOS version of the game was uploaded on App store on December 2010, and Kindle version was released in June 2012.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Cheats

Battlefield Bad Company 2

How to apply cheats in Battlefield Bad Company 2

Press ~ from the keyboard, a console box will appear on the screen and you have to enter the cheat into that box.

Apply the cheats in pc video game battlefield bad company 2.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Cheats List

Cheats and code list of all battlefield bad company 2, that is company list.

Effects on the GamesCheats of the Games
Battlefield Expert (50 points) - Onlineobtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks.
It sucks to be right. (50 points) - Campaignfinish Airborne on Hard.
Guns Guns Guns (50 points) - Campaignfind 15 collectable weapons.
Complete Blackout (50 points) - Campaigndestroy all satellite uplinks.
Squad Player (30 points) - Onlineobtain the Gold Squad Pin 5 times.
Award Addicted (30 points) - Onlineobtain 50 unique awards.
P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir. (30 points) - Campaignfinish Airborne.
Destruction Part 2 (30 points) - Campaigndestroy 1000 objects.
Demolish Part 2 (30 points) - Campaigndemolish 50 houses.
I knew we'd make it (15 points) - Campaignfinish Operation Aurora.
Retirement just got postponed. (15 points) - Campaignfinish Cold War.
It's bad for my karma man! (15 points) - Campaignfinish Heart of Darkness.
They got all your intel? (15 points) - Campaignfinish Upriver.
Salvage a vehicle. (15 points) - Campaignfinish Crack the Sky.
Alright, here it is. (15 points) - Campaignfinish Snowblind.
Nobody ever drowned in sweat (15 points) - Campaignfinish Heavy Metal.
Ghost rider's here! (15 points) - Campaignfinish High Value Target.
Sierra Foxtrot 1079 (15 points) - Campaignfinish Sangre del Toro.
Thanks for the smokes, brother! (15 points) - Campaignfinish No One Gets Left Behind.
Save me some cheerleaders. (15 points) - Campaignfinish Zero Dark Thirty.
Turn on a light. (15 points) - Campaignfinish Force Multiplier.
New Shiny Gun (15 points) - Campaignfind 5 collectable weapons.
Link to the Past (15 points) - Campaigndestroy 1 satellite uplink.
Communication Issues (15 points) - Campaigndestroy 15 satellite uplinks.
Ten Blades (15 points) - Campaign10 melee kills.
Taxi! (15 points) - Campaigndrive 5 km in any land vehicle.
Destruction (15 points) - Campaigndestroy 100 objects.
Demolish (15 points) - Campaigndemolish 1 house.
Assault Rifle Aggression (15 points) - Campaign50 kills with assault rifles.
Sub Machine Gun Storm (15 points) - Campaign50 kills with sub machine guns.
Light Machine Gun Lash Out (15 points) - Campaign50 kills with light machine guns.
Sniper Rifle Strike (15 points) - Campaign50 kills with sniper rifles.
Wall of Shotgun (15 points) - Campaign50 kills with shotguns.
Multiplayer Knowledge (15 points) - Onlinereach Rank 10 (Sergeant I).
Assault Expert (15 points) - Onlineunlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit.
Engineer Expert (15 points) - Onlineunlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit.
Medic Expert (15 points) - Onlineunlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit.
Recon Expert (15 points) - Onlineunlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit.
15 Minutes of Fame (15 points) - Onlineplay for 15 minutes.
Mission... Accomplished. (15 points) - Onlinein a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7.
Pistol Man (15 points) - Onlineget 5 kills with every handgun in the game.
Airkill (15 points) - Onlineroadkill an enemy with any helicopter.
Et Tu, Brute? (15 points) - Onlineknife 5 friends.
Demolition Man (15 points) - Onlineget 20 demolish kills.
Careful Guidence (15 points) - Onlinedestroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG.
The Dentist (15 points) - Onlinedo a headshot kill with the repair tool.
Won Them All (15 points) - Onlinewin a round in all online game modes.
Combat Service Support (15 points) - Onlinedo 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists.
Award Aware (15 points) - Onlineobtain 10 unique awards.

The game gives the player a chance to complete the objectives by allowing the player to control the vehicles, tanks, and helicopter. The ground stage allows the player to access the variety of different realistic small weapons such as assault rifles and machine gun. Players can use three stances which are standing, crouching and sprint. In bad battlefield company two buildings can be destroyed through explosives, walls and fences can breakdown by bullets. The game has regenerating of health system when the player is injured by bullets or explosive rather than giving health points in an older version of the game. Single player and multiplayer modes are added to this game, In single player mode, a player has to complete the objectives by fighting alone while in Multiplayer game mode you can take the help of your friends or squad to complete the mission. This game features many game types such as Rush, Rush squad, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch, and Onslaught.

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In March 2010 the game had sold out 2.3 million copies in Europe and America.

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