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Arma 2 Cheats Codes and Hacks

Arma 2 cheats and codes secret unlockables and tricks that discover the glitches. Some tips also given for arma hacks. Arma 2 is a military simulation and third-person shooter video game which was developed by Bohemia Interactive and published by 505 games. This game was released in North America in May  2006, but expansion title for the game was released on 2010. Arma 2 supports the gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Microsoft Windows.

Arma 2 PC Cheats

Arma 2

How to apply cheats in Arma 2

To apply cheat you just need to enter the required cheat while the game is running.

Arma 2 Cheats List For pc

Arma 2 pc game cheat list. Apply the cheats and enjoy the secret perks and hint. These tricks make your game super easy.

Cheats Effects on Game
GETALLGEAR Unlock all armory gear
CAMPAIGN Unlock all campaign missions
MISSIONS Unlock all singleplayer missions
ENDMISSION - End the current mission

Arma 2 Cheats List For Xbox one, Xbox 360, Ps2, ps3, PSP

Stay tuned for updates.

Arma2 worked on infantry combat, vehicular and Ariel combat element which are present in the game. The players can add Artificial Intelligence based players and can communicate with them with a real-time strategy. Arma 2 also allows the player to pass a command while playing in the multiplayer mode using a map. Arma 2 locations are based on Eastern European Countries, and the landscape is heavily based on the Czech Republic. Arma 2 also introduce 80 realistic represented weapons with many variants including rifles, machine guns, sniper and missile launcher. There is 130 vehicle variant, and every vehicle in the game can be controlled by the player including civilian cars, tractor, and bicycle. The game has two modes single player and multiplayer mode. Single player is campaign mode in which you play the missions and fight with the enemies with one player, and in the multiplayer version of the game, you can have your many friends with you playing the game.

The game receives many positive reviews from the critics, and they praised mostly the graphics work and user-friendly interface. The game scored 8/10 score from the publications and reviews system.

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