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Arma 1 Cheats Codes and Hacks

Arma Armed Assault and third-person shooter video game which was developed by  Bohemia Interactive and published by 505 games. This game was released in North America on November 10, 2006, and lately in other parts of the world. Arma 1 cheats and codes for pc, xbox one, xbox 360, ps2, ps3 secrets glitches and unlockables hints and tricks. These tips help in easy going n games with extra weaponryand strenght. Arma 1 supports the gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Microsoft Windows.

Arma 1 PC Cheats

Arma 1

How to apply cheats in Arma 1

To apply cheats you need to simply write the cheat while the game is running. And you will see the effects on the game,

Arma1 Cheats List For PC

Apply the arma 1 pc games cheats in running video game and enjoy the secret hacks.

Cheats Effect on Game
endmission: skip mission
campaignL Unlock all campaign missions
getallgear: unlocks all armory items
missions: Unlocks all single missions
campaign: All campaign missions
iwillbetheone: God mode
topography: Show map elevations
savegame: Save game

Arma 1 Cheats List For Xbox one, Xbox 360, Ps2, ps3, PSP

Arma 1 cheats for other operating system will be announced soon.

The game is based on basically two modes, Single Player and Multiplayer mode. The single player campaign mode allows the player to handle the situation of the game single handedly. The player has to complete the objectives and missions to go to the next mission and open the unlocked things such as ammunition and small gadgets. Multiplayer mode allows the user to fight with the enemies in collaboration with your friends and with your family. The multiplayer also has a feature called join in progress, which means that you don’t have to wait for the game to end you can join it in the middle of the game. Arma 1 multiplayer fight contains team-fight which is based on the real-time fight.The limitations of the people in the multiplayer game are based on the network you’re using. The Arma company also introduce new content such as new mission campaign, factions, and weapons.

Other Arma Series Cheats

Arma 1 receives average reviews from the publications and gaming review system because of its graphics, sound and single player mode. The game had sold 3 lac copies after the release.

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