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Official Cheat Codes Secrets Hacks Tips Tricks Glitches Unlockables For PC Android Xbox one Xbox 360 PS4 PS3 PS2 at official cheats. Official Cheats also committed to provide gamers, the glitches and unlockables of every possibilty in video games, whether these are meant for online, pc, xbox one, xbox 360, ps2 or ps3. Diversity among the pc games is the evidence of its demand among the youths and kids as well. Covering different categories, some of them are first person shooting, action, racing, adventurous, arcade, fighting, horror, puzzle, shooting games, simulation, sports, war, strategy, mystery, fantasy, Sci-fi, role playing games and survival and many more to come.Official cheats and secret codes along with other secrets of video games. Video games hints, tips and tricks are being updated on the daily basis.

First Person Shooting Games Cheats :

Cheats in the first person shooting games are helpful in ammos, especially in quality and quantity of the ammunition. This includes the cheat codes for unlimited ammo or increase in their power, like zoom and rounds increase. Other hacks and tricks are used for the survival purpose, so that the person either become invisible or cannot be shot. This trick or hack is really criticized by the opponents.

first person shooting game cheats

First Person Shooting Game Scene

Some other cheats in FPS includes hideouts to make game more easy, or even skip the current level. Many beginner level gamers go for the skipping cheats so that they can explore the next level of the game earlier, this eagerness make them experience better skills in lesser time. Just enjoy the game. There are different methods to apply the cheats in each game. Do read the method before trying any cheat code.

Action Games Cheats :

This games includes other goal achieving game apart from FPS, this may include thrill with tank, or bombardment with airplane, or crushing enemies with bullet train. These are some sort of strategical games given particular sc

action game cheats

Action Game Scene

enario to play. Different Cheats for action games make the game easy for players.

Easy achievements of the goals, enhancement in transport and accessories is another tricks and secret used in these types of games. Action and adventurous games have their own modes for cheats and codes. Just apply the proper method to enter the cheats and enjoy the perks of action video games.

Racing Games Cheats :

Speeding across the road will much be easier with the cheats hacks of the racing games. Need for speed will give you much different scenario with these tips and tricks.

Glitches and unlockables in these vehicles and cars types of games are so attractive and adventurous.

racing game cheats

Racing Game Scene

Just have a little grip over the steering and then see the magics of speedy cars. There are many cheats in different games.

Some hacks just work to skip the mission, while other just customize the cars. I love the cheats in need for speed, when cheat give me an extra car that is different with ultra power that is hidden inside it. New gamers can also enjoy the easy tracks for racing video games.

GTA Game Cheats :

Gta, the short form of grand theft auto is the action plus adventurous video game, having fun type of missions. It have the most ultimate and some what crimes like missions. You may have to kill some one, rob the bank, deal with the cops. All these stuff is done by you and your gang which is involved in these activities. Overall the game is really a fun, meant to be enjoyed.

Gta cheat codes

Gta Game

Grand theft auto cheats along with tips and tricks help to accomplish the mission in some easy way. You may need some heavy weapons to deal with the police in game, but you don’t have enough money all the time to buy them from stock. Just enter the cheat and have your self loaded with serious arms and weapons as you are going to a war, like a warrior.

Some time there is need for a car or vehicle, but it seems no racing car near you. In that case, apply the cheat code within grand theft auto game and get your self into a car. Many cheats can get you ambulance, police van, racing car and even an army tank. Crush the opponents with your all possible ways, but in the way you have to deal properly with some other gangs within the game.

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